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Sperm CRYOpreservation

sperm preservation for wannabe fathers who want to have a vasectomy
At Androcryos we service those who wish to have sperm frozen and stored as a way of preserving their genetic future, allowing them to consider having children at some point in the future.

Why should I preserve sperm?

Whether you're planning a vasectomy, undergoing adverse medical treatment or a testis biopsy, facing a long-term illness, experiencing stress, approaching the senior years of your life, or facing a situation where contact with your partner during fertile periods is limited – putting aside sperm for preservation will ensure the possibility of fathering a child at some point in the future.

If your partner is engaging in fertility treatments that require artificial assistance, you will need to have your sperm preserved for use during insemination procedures.

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a fairly permanent surgical procedure that cuts and ties off the testicular tubes that carry sperm from the testes into the penis during ejaculation. Doctors will advise their patients on the permanent sterilisation effect of the procedure, and recommend they set aside sperm for cryogenic preservation in case they decide to have children one day.

Reducing the risk of HIV transference

Men who are HIV-positive can also contemplate sperm preservation as a way of eliminating the HIV virus from their sperm sample. Once cleared, artificial insemination procedures are used to impregnate your partner.

Collection & preservation

Collecting and preserving sperm is an easy and simple process, and is stored for as long as is agreed upon. Cryogenically frozen sperm can remain viable for up to twenty one years in some cases, and fresh semen for up to eight hours under laboratory conditions.


Men who deposit sperm at places like Androcryos, are the sole owners of their sperm. The ownership of sperm can only be transferred to a partner through a last will and testament.

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For the authorisation of the destruction of human biological material by it's owner.

frequently asked questions ...

Do I have to generate the sperm specimen at your premises?

Preferably yes, if you want to do it off-site, it is important to note that we require the specimen within an hour from the time that it was produced.

How do you collect the sperm?

You are expected to provide a sperm specimen through ejaculation using any of the following means: masturbation; a specimen collection pouch (special condom) used during intercourse; or through electro-stimulation (speak to your Urologist). The ejaculate is collected, screened, and prepared for cryogenic storage.

Why would I want to preserve sperm?

Men and couples face a wide range of reasons why the natural route for conceiving a child is problematic. In these cases, and for the sake of posterity, many men will have their sperm cryogenically frozen and preserved.

I have been diagnosed with cancer, can I still have children?

Sperm should be put in a cryobank prior to receiving chemo treatment. Chemotherapy negatively impacts sperm viability. If you've already started treatment, a viability test can be done in order to ascertain potential damage.

What is a normal sperm count?

20 - 150 million sperm per millilitre.

For how long can sperm be frozen?

In excess of 20 years, depending on the storage techniques used.

On what basis are biological specimens destroyed?

Biological specimens are the property of the donor, and whomever it's been left to in their last will & testament. It therefore requires a written request by the legal owner in order to have a specimen destroyed.


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