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Androcryos is an andrology laboratory and a sperm bank. Not only do we encourage young men to become sperm donors for artificial insemination procedures, we also encourage men facing unusual or unpredictable circumstances to consider sperm preservation as a genetic investment into possibly fathering a child in the future. If you want to become a sperm donor, go straight to the
Androcryos Sperm Donor Program.

sperm donation

Androcryos provides frozen sperm for insemination across all the races in South Africa.

Why should I become a sperm donor?

If you are young and healthy, between the age of 21 and 35, and love sport or academic activities, or feel you have something to offer families or individuals who are struggling to start a family, then sperm donation may well be something for you to consider.

Artificial insemination through sperm donation has become an acceptable option for couples struggling with fertility issues, or single women or men yearning to become parents. Equally, LGBT couples wishing to start their own families will follow the same route. Men can even make arrangements for a surrogacy pregnancy in order to conceive a child of their own.

People struggling with infertility issues may do so for a variety of reasons – ranging from genetic disorders, to overall health problems, to stress, or to illnesses such as cancer.

As a sperm donor you are offering all these people the hope to conceive their own child with the help of your genetic material.

The larger our sperm donor database, the more options sperm donor recipients have to select what they deem a compatible sperm donor match.

How do I become a sperm donor?

When donating sperm, you will be taken through a series of tests and questions to ascertain your family's genetic background, as well as your general health and lifestyle. This will be done at no cost to you. Once these tests are completed, Androcryos will decide whether or not you are a suitable sperm donor candidate, and if accepted, they will recruit you to come in and donate sperm every odd week or so over a period of one year.

Androcryos is legally prohibited from remunerating you beyond your travel and out-of-pocket expenses, but many young men, particularly students, still find the bit of extra cash worth their while. Your primary motivation for becoming a sperm donor will be based on humanitarian values in your desire to help out those who are dependent on donor sperm.

Sperm donation is a private venture, and the donor has no knowledge or claim over who receives their sperm. However, according to the Government Gazette 2957 Chapter 1.4, donors are allowed to express their wishes in terms of general recipients when it comes to race and religion.

Sperm donations are collected at our laboratory on the Gautrain Parktown bus route in Johannesburg, where facilities are provided to receive, screen and store sperm donations.

Which tests are conducted in order to ascertain the suitability of a sperm donor?

Androcryos will screen your blood for diseases and genetic conditions, and you will be asked to visit their medical doctor for a general check up. They will conduct a full semen and chromosomal analysis, and ask questions about your family history in terms of genetic disorders and health issues. Some of the tests required involve screening for HIV I and II, hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs Ag), hepatitis C (HCV-Ab), liver enzymes, glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, urea, electrolytes, T. pallidum (syphilis), and gonorrhoea. The results of the mandatory HIV tests will be given to you only.

Sperm Donor Program

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor, please visit our Androcryos Sperm Donor Program and fill in the Sperm Donor Questionnaire to initiate the process. Discuss sperm donation with your friends and peers, and share your experience.

Anonymous & Non-anonymous Sperm Donors

Sperm donors can decide to openly identify themselves to their recipients, or remain anonymous. If you are interested in becoming a non-anonymous sperm donor, instead of an anonymous one, please discuss this option with Androcryos when you initiate the donor program process.

Sperm Preservation

If you are not interested in becoming a sperm donor, but would like to preserve sperm prior to a vasectomy or stressfull circumstances due to illness or working conditions, please visit our sperm preservation page to find out more.

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Androcryos Sperm Donor Program

Visit this page to follow the correct steps to becoming a sperm donor.

Sperm Preservation

If you are interested in preserving your sperm prior to a vasetomy or stressful circumstances due to illness or working conditions.

South Africa's legislation on human tissue donation

An informative article on where we stand legally in South Africa when it comes to human tissue donation, of which sperm donation forms a part.

Mens Clinic International

Advice & solutions for
male sexual dysfunction


Current or potential sperm donor candidates.

Men or couples interested in sperm preservation.

frequently asked questions ...

What does Androcryos look for when deciding to recruit a sperm donor?

Your sperm count needs to be normal, which the tests will screen for if you don't know. Androcryos will also look at your family history in terms of hereditary diseases and normal physique.

How much do donors get paid?

In line with legislation, each donor is reimbursed a varying nominal amount to cover their travel and out-of-pocket expenses.

How many times do I donate?

Up to thirty times, with one week intervals. Donations do not have to occur consecutively, allowing time for holidays, exams, and work deadlines. It is preferable that sperm donors abstain from sex or ejaculation for at least three days prior to each donation to ensure good sperm count.

Can I remain anonymous?

All donor information is treated as private and confidential. Donor's do have to identify themselves in order to donate. Apart from physical descriptions as outlined in the donor data sheet, recipients and donor children do not have access to an anonymous donor's private information. If you choose to become a non-anonymous sperm donor, repients and their offspring will be able to know who you are, and seek contact if all parties consent.


Article: Anonymous Sperm Donation

Will I have parental rights or obligations?

No, sperm donors renounce their parental rights and obligations during the donation process by signing a letter of permission that allows Androcryos to use the sperm for artificial insemination purposes. Recipients choose which donor sperm they wish to use via the Donor Data list.

What do I have to do to become a sperm donor?

Please visit our Androcryos Sperm Donor Program, and fill in our Sperm Donor Questionnaire. Follow instructions.

Do I have to generate the sperm specimen at your premises?

Preferably yes, if you want to do it off-site, it is important to note that we require the specimen within an hour from the time that it was produced.

How do you collect the sperm?

You are expected to provide a sperm specimen through ejaculation using any of the following means: masturbation; a specimen collection pouch (special condom) used during intercourse; or through electro-stimulation (speak to your Urologist). The ejaculate is collected, screened, and prepared for cryogenic storage.

For how long can sperm be frozen?

In excess of 20 years, depending on the storage techniques used.

On what basis are biological specimens destroyed?

Biological specimens are the property of the donor, and whomever it's been left to in their last will & testament. It therefore requires a written request by the legal owner in order to have a specimen destroyed.


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