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Confidential Tissue Donation

South Africa's legislation on human tissue donation, which includes anonymous sperm donation

Legislation governing human tissue donation in South Africa enforces anonymity and confidentiality for donors. This works in favour of both the donors and recipients. Confidential sperm donation protects both parties and enable a safe and trusted conception process in a highly delicate matter.
Because the process of egg donation involves a far more invasive and intimate process for woman over sperm donation, appropriate controls are in place to render the much required support. Egg donors register with a professional egg donor agency who can provide the necessary information and guidelines to proceed with confidential egg donation. Only public information pertaining to an egg donor's profile is made available to potential recipients upon an enquiry to view the egg donor database.
The sperm donation process is much less invasive than egg donation, nevertheless appropriate controls are in place to render much required support. Sperm donors register with a professional sperm bank who can provide the necessary information and guidelines to proceed with anonymous sperm donation. Information made available does not jeopardise donor identity a non-personal profile is made available to potential recipients upon enquiry to view the sperm donor database.
A high level medical investigation is undertaken as part of the application process as well as physical and psychological assessment before a potential sperm donor can be accepted onto the sperm donation program. Donor sperm is provided frozen or thawed depending on practitioner requirements. Donor sperm is kept in quarantine to ensure it meets necessary health requirements. A sperm donor is able to produce donor gametes after a short period of time and without any medication influencing the outcome.

Gamete donation involving confidential egg donation and sperm donation are governed by the National Health Act of 2003. Processes affecting egg donor programs in South Africa are also governed by professional egg donation guidelines. These require sperm donors not to achieve more than five confirmed live births. The anonymity and confidentiality of sperm donation is secured by providing only information relevant to the outcome of the birth. Sperm donors are equipped with sufficient information and support to make an informed decision as to sperm donation.
More on professional sperm donor services and sperm donation in South Africa can be found on www.androcryos.co.za

Authored by Jenny Currie of baby2mom, edited by Petrus Loubser of Androcryos.

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